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Pairs Series

Inferno Pairs Series - A two-day, same sex pairs competition that will challenge the limits of your fitness.

All inclusive - Whether you’re new to competition or a seasoned pro preparing for elite season, The Inferno Pairs Series is for you! The events are open to all and there are no qualifiers.

Teamwork - The workouts don’t just challenge your individual fitness, but your ability to work as a team – competing with and for your best mate will push you further than you thought possible.


Pairs Series

Inferno Pairs Series programming is designed for everyone, no matter your experience. We have removed complex movements that take months and years to refine. We test teamwork, how big your engine is, how strong you are and how tough your will is!


Burpees, box jumps, push-ups, air squats, sit-ups, lunges, jumps, etc. Sometimes these movements may be weighted (sandbags or vests) and/or involve equipment, e.g. soft plyoboxes. There are no pull ups, ring dips, muscle ups, toes to bar, handstand walks, etc.


Deadlifts, power cleans & power snatches, front squats, push-press, thrusters, ground-to-overhead exercises, shoulder-to-overhead exercises, etc. These movements can be executed with barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, slam balls, sandbags, or kettlebells.


Conditioning is tested using indoor rowers, ski ergs and air assault bikes. Expect running, we will use the indoor track (but not too much ;) ).

Additionally there will be tests of agility/balance and the occasional strongman/woman exercises.

Weights are kept to a level commensurate with the event's aims but one repetition max tests are included to explore an athlete's strength.


Pairs Series

In the 2018 season there will be events in London, Sheffield, and Cardiff.


31 March-1 April 2018

Lee Valley Athletics Centre


16-17 June 2018

English Institute of Sport


11-12 August 2018

National Indoor Athletics Centre